Dead Rising 2 Co-Chop Announced


Yesterday Capcom released a brand new trailer for Dead Rising 2 and today they have made a announcement that I am sure everyone is gonna dig. Developer Blue Castle Games told Kotaku that during the story mode you will be able to team up with a fellow buddy. So whats the downside? No splitscreen. Online only.

The way it is explained is that you will both play as Chuck Greene but because of the immense amounts of accessories and in-game items you should look different enough to tell the two apart. It is also mentioned that the host will be the only one who will be able to save the progress that you make together. Also both players will be able to gain experience and items for their own games.

According to the site they had a chance to give it a spin and the mode still needs a bit of polish. But the developers are still working on it so there is no reason to panic yet. So come August 31st be sure to pick up a copy for PS3 or Xbox 360.

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