Teaser for Hideo Nakata's - The Incite Mill


The teaser trailer for Hideo Nakata's upcoming film - The Incite Mill has been released, and I have to say, I'm really not that impressed.  As of late, I really haven't been impressed with what any of Hideo's recent films (with L: Change the World being the most recent film of his that I've seen).

Hopefully, my first impression is wrong, and we'll get something really special, but here's the synopsis, followed by the trailer.. and let me know your thoughts. 

Synopsis: Ten people are lured to the mysterious “Anki Mansion” by help wanted ads offering 112,000 yen per hour (about $1,200 USD). Participants are informed that they’ll be recorded 24 hours a day and are given two ominous rules: first, each of them must return to their private room by 10pm each night; and second, the experiment would continue either for 7 days or until there are only two survivors left. If all went according to plan, the participants would go home after 7 days, earning a total of 18 million yen. However, on the second day, one of them is shot to death. 

'The Incite Mill' is set to open across Japan on the 16th October, 2010. 
via: Twitch
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