A Hot Chick, Zombies and Puppets in ROSE 3D


I love the image, as well as the films concept.   Now all that is needed are the funds to get this thing made.. and hopefully the team (John Skipp and Jane Hamilton) that's wanting to film "Rose 3D" will get what they need.... soon, PLEASE!

Rose 3D is said to be Pee-Wees Playhouse meets Night of the Living Dead is this whimsical, savage 3D horror-comedy featuring zombies, puppets, and musical mayhem. 

48 hours into the undead apocalypse, one woman has managed to stay on the air.  She's a hot ex-mental patient with a message of hope, a baseball bat, and her puppet friends. 

Welcome tho "Rose's Place":  where the songs, skits, and rescue stations run all night long, or at least until the zombies get in.

YES!! A hot chick.. zombies and puppets!  For more on Rose 3D, you can check out the official site here.

via: QuietEarth

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