SAW 7 3D Updates


Marcus Dunstan talked to Bloody Disgusting about SAW 7 and how excited he was taking it to 3D.

“… What I loved about the idea of potentially going into a ‘Saw’ movie in 3-D was not the sense of something poking you in the eye, which could be nauseating, but the sense of immersion. Like, we can actually put the audience in a trap this year. That’s bad-ass. That hasn’t been done. And now, when the audience recoils from something out of fright, the image is built to chase you.”

I think what they loved most about doing it in 3D was having a new way to milk the franchise and try and get us into theaters. Me I am passing on SAW 7. Its been long dead in my eyes. Admittedly SAW 6 was pretty darn gorey but thrilling and exciting it was not. SAW was genius but like any franchise when you milk the cow to long you eventually run dry.

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