Jessicka Rabid LE DVD On Sale Now


Elske McCain has had one hell of a time getting some distribution for her pet project Jessicka Rabid. But it looks like she has finally found some. But before they begin to release it wide Elske is selling a limited edition run of the film on DVD which consists of only 1,000 copies. Check out the specs below and click here to pick yourself up a copy.

A dysfunctional family, the Hoffmans, have been living their lives in a veil of secrecy. Incest, rape are a part of their everyday lives. A product of which, is Jessicka (Elske). After years of nameless abuse of her family and neighbors, Jessicka has been reduced to something less than human. She's more of a family pet than she is a true member of the family. Jessicka is the tragic character brought up from her surroundings, and suddenly finds her opportunity for revenge.

  • Blooper Reel
  • Music Video "Rabies is a Killer" by Clilve Jones and Agony Bag
  • Original Trailer
  • Original Teaser
  • "The Ashtray" short film by Matthew Reel
  • Lloyd Kaufman outtakes
  • Jessicka Rabid mini comic book by Greg Mannino- dvd insert
  • Scene Selections
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