Furry Fandom Gone Bad in Black Rat


Talk about taking "Furry Fandom" to the extreme.

Japanese director Kenta Fukasaku (Battle Royale 2, Yo-Yo Girl Cop and X-Cross) is at it again, but this time he's brought along a "rat masked" killer to star in his newest film - "Black Rat." 

Synopsis: Six classmates received an e-mail from Asuka who should have committed suicide, when they were to get together in a classroom that night. At 1 a.m., a person wearing a bloody rat-mask appears, ferociously attacking them, saying "I'm going to avenge Aska!" Will this be the end of them all!? And who is the rat-masked person!?

Now the trailer is full of spoilers and leaves, pretty much nothing to the imagination (this is how you NOT want to cut a trailer).. I feel like I've already watched the film.. but at least it looks like we will be in for some fun.  Anyways check it out. 

via: DailyMotion and 24FramesPerSecond
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