Devil's Rejects 2 Coming Soon?


Rob Zombie has been off on his Gruesome Twosome tour which he took as a break from making films. Now that the tour is over it looks like he is trying to decide what to do next. In order to do that Rob Zombie posted a poll on his blog asking fans what film they would like to see next.

Among the choices are The Blob remake, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Werewolf Women of the S.S. and The Devils Rejects Part 2. Now the first three are all things we now he has been tossing around.. but Devils Rejects 2? Really? It is definitely the most intriguing of the bunch considering the amazing ending of the first film. What else can he do with the Firefly clan?

Of course this could all just be Rob tossing up the poll to see what people would say. What intrigues me is that he may actually have an idea rolling around in his head for the Firefly's. Hopefully soon Rob will comment on the poll and the possiblity of a sequel to The Devils Rejects.

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