Lindsay Lohan Out of Machete?


A couple days ago you may remember that Meh made a post about an arrest warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan. Well yesterday she made it back to LA in time to attend a court hearing. Luckily for you guys I fell asleep while watching LA Forensics on Tru TV and woke up to see the whole thing unfold in the early hours.

Basically what happened is that she is going to have to wear a SCRAM bracelet and will have to take random drug tests in LA every week. Now at first when I heard this news I could give a shit less.. That is until her attorney wanted to know if she could have her drug tests taken in Texas where she was shooting a movie.

What movie would that be? Machete. The judge was pretty harsh and said that the testing WILL be in LA.. no wiggle room. So now this begs the question of what will happen to her role in Machete. Is her role going to be smaller? Are they going to cut her out completely? Only time will tell.

Update: Lindsay was lieing to the judge to try and get out of drug tests in LA. TMZ contacted the producers of MACHETE who say she has no reason to be in TEXAS since the film is completed accept for some small reshoots which do not involve her. Thanks to StoneCypher for the update.

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