Producer Dan Tovar Talks Splatterhouse


Splatterhouse was a game way back in the day that I used to play at the Arcade and then later on the good old 16-bit Sega Genesis. They are finally bringing the game back to the next generation and it has been a very long and troubled road so far. But the game is looking pretty good so far and this time we will actually get a bit of story.

The new Splatterhouse kicks off with Rick and his girlfriend Jennifer going to Dr. West's mansion to write an article about their teacher. But everything goes haywire and Rick gets gutted. While lying on the floor dying, an artifact knocked to the ground during the fight gets soaked in Rick's blood and a demon awakes inside it. The demon mask strikes a deal with Rick, saving his life and giving him powers that essentially turns him into a monster.

Kotaku spoke with Producer Dan Tovar about the game's enemies, "There are three kind of enemies in the game: The corrupted, which are demons that have been spilling in from the other dimension, then there are zombies, which have been brought back to life from the influence from the corrupted and the effect that energy has had on our world, and then there are the things that Dr. West has been experimenting on are kinda roaming throughout the mansion."

One aspect of the game that was also brought up was, of course, the gore. It would seem that the real goal of the game is to use attacks that cause your enemies to bleed the most to feed the mask. So they have added several different weapons and special attacks that will allow you to litterally cover the screen in blood.

I guess I can say I am seriously looking forward to giving this one a go. If you want to read more of the interview just click here. But be sure to come back here as we continue to bring you the latest on Splatterhouse.

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