Win a SIGNED Rec 2 Poster.. Sweet Collectible!


You can be the envy of your neighbours by winning a signed REC 2 poster courtesy of the studio who are also generously going to cover the shipping for us. To enter this contest is as easy as taking down a zombie with a chainsaw. Become a Fan of ours on Facebook and post on our wall your favorite zombie movie. We will then pick a winner at random. Please note the studio has asked us to limit entries to the US only.

The Wagner/Cuban Company's Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures have released the poster for [REC] 2, the anticipated sequel to the terrifying cult favorite, [REC].  Directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza return for [REC] 2, maintaining the same claustrophobic concept or the original while finding new means of delivering scares to the audience.

[REC] told the story of a quarantined apartment building infected with a ferocious virus that spread a terrifying form of demonic possession to the trapped inhabitants.  [REC] 2 kicks off shortly after the events of the first film, when a medical officer and a SWAT team armed with video cameras are sent into the sealed off apartment building to try and neutralize the situation.

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