Jason Horton's Trap On DVD Now


A couple month's ago we told you about director Jason Horton's next film, Trap. His previous film, Edges of Darkness, was a unique take on a rather crowded and dull zombie genre. Today he let us know that he will be self-distributing his film and it is now for sale on Amazon. Below you can check out the synopsis and a still that he sent along with the news.

Walter, a middle-aged ex-con fresh out of jail, has been consumed by guilt over his leaving his family behind when he went to prison. Out now, he tries to re-establish a relation with his only living relative, his meth-additcted daughter Tori. Tori wants nothing to do with Walter and to get rid of him hooks him up with a kidnapping scheme, headlined by the volatile Franklin. Franklin appears nervous and unstable, but there's more than meets the eye there.

Franklin and Walter take delivery of Tennessee, the 15-year-old kidnappee, and hold her until the ransom is paid. This plan goes to hell, when Walter falls in love with Tennessee. Does she love him as well, or is she just using him to escape Franklin?

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