Sharks are Gonna Get Ya - The Reef Trailer


"Oh Yeah!!" "Daddy Likes!" 

For one, the trailer for the upcoming Aussie horror film "The Reef" reminds me of "Open Water" (which I really liked).. and two, this film has sharks, and the deadman is always a sucker for a shark films.  Sharks and boobies, that my mantra.

As of right now, no word yet on any release dates and hopfully it wont be long before it drops onto DVD (or special screenings) here in the US.  So put on your goggles, jump in (the waters fine.. it's nice an warm) and check out the trailer mate..

Synopsis: For four backpackers it seemed like a dream come true. A week cruising the world's most beautiful coral reef, on their own Yacht. But when their boat capsizes leaving them stranded on an overturned hull the dream turns into a nightmare. What should they do? Stay with a damaged hull that could sink at any moment or try to swim for land!

Finally deciding to swim, the friends take to the water. As they close in on land a fin surfaces and with it the realization that they are being stalked by a deadly fifteen foot white pointer shark. Will any of them make the swim or will the sea take what it wants?

via: 24FramesPerSecond

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