Debbie Rochon Cast in Hell Storm


"Hellstorm" writer/director Keith Smith is brewing up some of the top ladies in indie horror! Debbie Rochon (Colour From the Dark, Slime City Massacre), Devanny Pinn (15 Til Midnight, Piranha 3-D), Natacha Izel (100 Tears, Jonah Hex) and Regan Deal (Cabin Fever 2) have signed on to star in what is shaping up to be one of the biggest Indie Films to come out of Texas in a long time.

The Synopsis goes: "A group of architectural students, their professor and chaperon are trapped in an abandoned building during a freak storm. Soon they encounter something much more terrifying than the storm itself."
What is it that they encounter?  Is it a what or a who?   Production is set for fall with 2011 release.

Rounding out the cast are some new faces as well as some people who have seen their fair share of a blood splattered film.  Sage Hall (Candy),  Tara Cardinal (Legend of the Red Reaper), Jesse Kozel (Ripped Memories), Scarlett Salem (Terror Overload), Shelby Stehlin (The Steam Experiment) and Travis Kerschen (Rain Curtain)

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