BlueWater Releasing Insane Jane, Nanny and Hank Horror Comics


With its critically praised horror anthology series Vincent Price Presents, Bluewater Productions has already proven it knows horror. This summer, Bluewater will explore the edgier side of comics once again with the release of two of its darkest series yet, Nanny & Hank and its long-awaited sequel to Insane Jane.

Nanny & Hank
focuses on the adventures of an elderly couple adjusting to their new lives as septuagenarian vampires. Even worse, the couple has to embark on a family vacation without alerting their children and grandchildren to the fact that they now need human blood to survive.

Insane Jane: Avenging Star picks up where the mentally unhinged heroine's 2008 sold out series left off. Jane is now confined to a hospital for the mentally ill. This doesn't stop her, though, from fighting the forces of evil while taking on a new, equally disturbed, sidekick. Or does it? With Insane Jane, it's not always easy to determine what's real and what's not.

Nanny & Hank features the talents of writer Mark L. Miller, writer of the company's Vincent Price anthology series, and artist Steve Babb. Insane Jane: Avenging Star was co- written by Bluewater founder and president Darren G. Davis and Zach Hunchar.  The artwork was done by GMB Chomichuk.

Davis said that he is looking forward to the release of both comics. “Nanny & Hank has particular meaning for me because the main characters are based on my own grandparents, whose names really were Nanny & Hank,” Davis said. “And the original Insane Jane series was always a favorite of mine. Our readers really enjoyed it, too. It's an oddball tale. It's a bit different than most other comics you can find.”

Both comics will run in four parts and are listed in this month's Diamond Preview's magazine.

Each separate issue will retail for $3.99, and will be available at comic shops

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