Deadlands 3 Needs Your Help


Over the past couple weeks we have been reporting on Gary Ugareks third entry into his zombie saga Deadlands. But as any indie director will tell you making a movie is a bitch. Especially when it comes to limited budget and time. So this time around Ugarek has been looking around for some potential help. The word right now is that 20th Century Fox is interested.

So whats the catch? Well currently it looks like he is not sure what to do with the film. Either make it a third in the franchise or take the characters in the script and remake the first film. Now of course Fox is not yet on board so Ugarek is looking to the fans for some help in getting the film some financial backing.

If you would like to help him out and get Deadlands some serious backing than he wants fans to email Fox to get on board. All we ask is that you do so in a civil manner. If not you won't be doing him or the horror genre as a whole any favors. All you have to do is write an email about Deadlands 3 and title it "ATTN: David Bixler - Deadlands III: The New World or Deadlands Zombie Franchise". Then send it to either or

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