Dan Walton's Bind Is Gearing Up


There is a lot that goes into making a film. The screenplay goes through many changes, locations and crew changes, there are cast upheavals, production schedules are updated and scrapped, you are at the whim of investors, producers, studios and production companies and lets not forget the unending task of finding the right distributors. That has been the story for Dan Walton's Bind lately.

Thankfully that has all changed. Walton has been keeping in contact with us for quite some time and today he was ready to release a solid cast that is attached to the film. It is filled with genre vets and plenty of up and comers. Attached so far is Edward Furlong, Emmanuelle Vaugier (pictured below), Jessica Von, Ryan Merriman, Daniel Cudmore, Chelan Simmons, Kevin Gage, P.J. Soles and the lovely Christa Campbell.

We have been informed that filming will be all set to begin this Winter in Vancouver.

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