The Haunting of New York On The Way


Some of us probably had enough of this franchise right after The Haunting of Connecticut hit theaters. But currently they are working on The Haunting of Georgia and now The Haunting of New York. Quite a bold move if you ask me considering Georgia isn't even finished and in theaters yet. Now if this was Saw or an already well established franchise it would be different.. But this isn't.

Today Variety made the official announcement of the film that Gold Circle is moving forward with. They decided to hire Sean Hood to write that "installment", not sequel, next. Sean Hood seems to be a fan of the first film and posted in his blog in defense of the first film and what he plans to do with the next "installment".

"There really was a beautiful but mute teenaged girl in a wheelchair who saw visions of angels and demons; there really was a family harassed and stalked by a presence that seemed drawn to her, and these “events” really did culminate in a disturbing exorcism. What matters to me, in adapting this story, is not whether it can be scientifically proven to be “true,” but that the people themselves believe it was true and that the experience changed the course of their lives. The universal fears that are exposed in such a situation are so raw and authentic that they speak to archetypal “Truths“ that, for me at least, transcend skepticism."

It's a slippery slope when the truth can be based purely on what one person believes to be true. I know of a couple people whose "truths" I would definitely not want to live by everyday. He gives an interesting point but does that warrant "Based on a True Story" label on every bit of advertising for the film?

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