Win THIRST.. The Desert version of Open Water


Time for a new contest. First Look Studios has offered up free copies of their new film THIRST which we are offering to our readers. THIRST is the nightmarish story of what can happen when stranded in the hot, desolate California desert. Ill prepared and naïve, Noelle (Lacey Chabert, Mean Girls, Lost in Space) and her husband Bryan (Tygh Runyan, Snakes on a Plane, K19: The Widowmaker) accompany another couple on what they think will be a sexy photo shoot in the desert.  Her worst fears become a reality after their car crashes into a ravine, leaving them stranded in the desert struggling to survive. THIRST is available on DVD June 22.

Following their devastating car crash, Noelle’s group is left marooned with little water, no shelter and no cell phone reception.  Forced to ration their supplies, tensions rise as quickly as the dry desert heat. Dehydrated, lost and hopeless, one by one the group begins to fall victim to the relentless elements. Miles away from civilization, suffering from delirium and dying of thirst, will anyone make it out alive? Peter Hall from aptly calls the film, “Open Water in the desert!”

To enter this contest just leave a comment and we will pick some winners when the dvds arrive

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