E3 2010: BloodRayne and Resident Evil On Nintendo 3DS


The big thing at this E3 was motion control without a doubt. Microsoft unveiled Project Natal which is now renamed Kinect and Sony brought out Playstation Move. But Sony and Nintendo also made a hard push towards 3D. Sony probably because they are trying to sell more TVs... but thats a different story.

Nintendo arguably had the strongest press conference with some great titles. Their big push was to get Nintendo 3DS out into the hands of everyone in attendance to check out what 3D would look like.. without glasses. It is all done with magic people. But seriously there is two big reasons why horror fans should consider picking one up. The sexy and sultry nazi killer BloodRayne and Resident Evil are coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

No specific dates were given but the games were given full names. Resident Evil Revelations and BloodRayne: The Shroud. All we have at the moment are names and the fact that they will be in 3D no glasses required. Whether or not you like movies in 3D or not I think video games are perfect for it. Be sure to keep it here as I am sure more details will be revealed from the developers soon.

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