Writers Announced For The Monster Squad Remake


Paramount has just announced that they have found thier writers to work on the Monster Squad remake. Rob Cohen is still on board to direct and everybodys favorite studio Platinum Dunes will be producing. Mark and Brian Gunn are the men for the job to tackle this job. Paramount is looking to set up a "family-oriented" franchise.

I can't imagine that too many of you haven't seen this classic yet but if you haven't the film follows a group of young kids who discover a plot by Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Gill Man and The Mummy to try and take over the world. Even though this was a film with very young kids they were put in very adult situations. With this remake I can't even imagine they will do anything similar to the original film and they definitely won't be aiming for fans of the original.

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