Joe D'Amatos Love Goddess of the Cannibals Comes to DVD


Joe D'Amatos Love Goddess of the Cannibals which stars Melissa Chimenti is getting a UK DVD release on June 28th. When big business geologists threaten her people and their ancestral lands with their plans to build a nuclear reactor, it’s up to Papaya to seduce and then kill those who threaten her ancient way of life.

Enter Sara (played by Finnish sex symbol, Sirpa Lane, star of Walerian Borowczyk’s art-porn classic ‘The Beast’)

, a beautiful journalist hungry for a lead, who soon will be sucked into Papaya’s deadly vortex of perverse, violent carnality.

In a riot of bloody mutilation, Sapphic lovemaking and tribal drumming, the Love Goddess of the Cannibals takes her victims on delirious trip into jungle sleaze and violated flesh via an orgy of sex and death.

Special Features include: Shameless ‘Rebuild’ version
; alternate title sequences
; theatrical trailers
; Shameless trailers
; reversible sleeve featuring original artwork; unique collector’s poster of the original artwork for the film; English and Italian audio options with optional English subtitles


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