Kai-Ki: Tales of Terror from Tokyo Trailer


“Kai-Ki: Tales of Terror from Tokyo” looks to be more of the same, it's what you'd expect from a JP horror film.  Good or bad, I'm starting to get tired of it.. and that is why the deadmans eyes have been straying from the JP films I used to love.

In Kai-Ki: Tales of Terror from Tokyo, the tales you get to see are:

Tsukimono: The Possessed - An ordinary college student named Ayumi Kirishima gets on the bus like any other morning, but this day is different. A woman on the bus repeatedly hiccups while muttering to herself and shaking. Later when Ayumi joins her classmates at school, the woman suddenly appears through a window and sends her class into a panic. After that, the hiccup infection jumps from student to student, turning them into enraged, murderous monsters.

In Nozomi - A 17-year-old high school student named Megumi Fujisawa's sister Nozomi died on her 11th birthday, and she has blamed herself for the incident every day since. Because of this, she has a strained and awkward relationship with her mother—the only family member she has left. As her 18th birthday approaches, Megumi’s mental condition becomes increasingly unstable and she begins to have hallucinations about Nozomi. However, what she sees could hold the key to a buried family secret. 

Kai-Ki: Tales of Terror from Tokyo will have it's world premiere in Los Angeles at Club Nokia on July 1, 2010, and is scheduled to be released in Japan sometime in September 2010.

via: Nippon Cinema

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