The Forgotton Movie Producer working on ‘Next’ film

Joe Roth, veteran film producer and most recently the producer of science fiction thriller ‘The Forgotten’, is already working on his next feature film titled ‘Next’.  This movie will is a big-screen adaptation of a Phillip K. Dick short story titled ‘The Golden Man’.


There have been a lot of movies based on Dick’s works, most notably Imposter, Minority Report and Paycheck.  Although some of those films have done well, the majority of Dick-adaptations have not been block buster hits.


Roth, however, is not daunted by that fact and looks at this story as a completely separate entity from other Dick stories.


I don't look at these things as an anthology or a collection; I only look at the screenplay I read.  What worked about the screenplay is in the title: the notion that someone can actually see what's about to happen next [and thus change the future]. And it's the curse of that and how valuable that is to people who want to misuse it. In this case, there are governments. It's that conflict.


Nicolas Cage is set to star in the film while Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day) is slated to direct.  Roth shared his thoughts on Mr. Cage and Mr. Tamahori.


I think that Lee is a really interesting director, and Nic is a very interesting actor who can play both an action figure and kind of a tortured guy, It certainly felt like it worked for me.


Gary Goldman, who previously adapted 1990’s Total Recall from another Dick story (We Can Remember it for you Wholesale), adapted ‘The Golden Man’ to a screenplay for Roth.


Production on the film will begin next year with a hopeful 2006 release.


Source: SciFi Wire

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