Surivival of the Dead DVD Special Features


I'm pretty damned psyched about George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead, I'm probably in the minority in saying I kinda dug Diary for it's experimental nature but his new zombie film looks to be going back to the fun tone that hooked me in back when I first watched Dawn of the Dead.  Sadly (blasted college) I missed it in theaters but thankfully the DVD will be hitting in August and Fangoria has a look at a very well stacked package for a single and two disc editions.

Special Features:

  •  Introduction by Romero
  • Commentary by Romero, Actor Kenneth Welsh, Executive Producer Peter Grunwald, Editor/Executive Producer Michael Doherty, Stunt Coordinator/2nd Unit Director/Actor Matt Birman
  • Commentary by Romero and Dread Central's Steve Barton
  • 'Time With George' Featurette
  • HDNET: A look at Survival of the Dead
  • 'Walking After Midnight' Documentary (2Disc)
  • 'Sarge' Short Film (2Disc)
  • Interview with Romero (2Disc)
  • 'A Minute of Your Time Shorts' (2Disc):
  • "A Message to Sitges"
  • "Midnight Madness"
  • "Zombie Walks"
  • "Welsh Wisdom"
  • "A Bloody Mess"
  • "Horsing Around"
  • "Getting to Location"
  • "Undead Interview"
  • "A Just Reward"
  • "Bang Your Head"
  • "A Man In Uniform"
  • "Fanboy at Heart"
  • "A Little Swim"
  • Storyboard Comparisons (2Disc)
  • 'How to Create Your Own Zombie Bite' by Backyard FX (2Disc)
Needless to say I'm quite happy that this isn't a case of Blu-Ray getting all of the special features.  The single disc DVD will retail for $26.98 while the 2disc DVD and Blu-Ray will go for $29.98.  Survival of the Dead will hit shelves August 24.
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