Snow Angel A Vampire Film for Twilight Haters


Avery sent over word of a new horror film called Snow Angels which the filmmakers say is for people who hate Twilight. Whether thats just a gimmick to get us talking about the film is to early to say. Below are two photos from the film and a synpopsis.

"Alaska has a problem – A beautiful and ancient vampire stalks the winter night and is butchering men in Anchorage. Hyacinth – the Mother of Demons – has gone north to find that certain special man to help her rule the world. In her way stand an aging priest and some unlikely warriors on a quest to stop a monster who seems all too human but whose real identity is a deadly mystery. In her wake, she leaves a trail of empty husks. No man is safe. She is proof positive of the old truth that outward beauty sometimes hides a hideous soul. Snow Angels is a modern tale replete with “Violence, Vampires, and Nuns with Guns.” Look for it in late 2010

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