Adam Green Talks About Killer Pizza


Not long ago it was announced that Adam Green was on board to direct Killer Pizza. The film is a coming-of-age comedy about a 14-year-old boy who lands a summer job at Killer Pizza -- where such pies as the Monstrosity and the Frankensausage are on the menu -- but quickly learns it's a front for a monster-hunting organization.

Today B-D spoke with Adam Green for the first time about the project and what exactly it is going to be like:

"Killer Pizza is gonna feel like one of those old Amblin movies a little bit. It's part Goonies, part Monster Squad", said Green excitedly. "It's the coolest shit ever, and I'm so excited because I've been holding out on a studio job for a long time. Because everything I get called in for I don't really like or it's a remake. And then to be working with Chris Columbus on something that is exactly what I wanted to do, it's amazing...I'm actually more excited about than that than probably anything ever."

Since it is going to be similar to The Goonies and The Monster Squad it will probably be aimed toward a younger audience to bring them into the horror fold. This of course is pretty much confirmed when Green told them what he was aiming to get for the film:

"We're aiming for PG-13, because it's not about gore or violence, it's about the stuff that guys like you and me grew up with," he said. "They just don't do it anymore. You ask anybody, what's your favorite movie? So many people say The Goonies or Monster Squad but why don't they make it anymore. I think Chris is trying to bring it back around again and I'm just lucky as hell that I'm the one that he picked."

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