True Blood Sex Scene Disturbs, Causes Controversy


The last episode of True Blood it seems is stirring quite the controversy and asks the question whether HBO has crossed the line when it comes to sexual content on TV. Its worth noting I am still watching Season 1 and missed the episode that aired June 27th which featured some serious sexual perversion. If you have not watched the episode do not read on.

Apparently in the episode Bill who is staying away from Sookie for her protection decides to do the mattress dance with Lorena which culminates with not just him climaxing but twisting her head completely around leaving her with an eerie smile as he finishes his 'job'. While surfing the web I found a photo of the scene and will admit that it was quite creepy. Bill all horned up doing it with a woman he just killed brings all new meaning to wrong.

True Blood from what I have seen is focused heavily on sex but is this new season trying to go in some sort of perverse direction? Controversy breeds discussing which also can lead to increased ratings so perhaps this perverted new twist to TRUE BLOOD will be give them one hell of a bite in the ratings. So much for Bill being a sympathetic character. Did you see the episode? Did it disturb you? Update: Watch the video below. 

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