Interesting Zombie Film Facts

This is a great discussion of little known zombie facts started by one of our staff on the discussion boards, here is the great stuff that came out of it, a whole list of great factual but little known zombie facts from a bunch of zombie flicks,

Dawn of the Dead Remake, 2004
The Obese Woman in the Dawn remake was actualy a stunt guy with a body suit on.

This one is from Braindead
300 litres of fake blood was used in the final scene of the film

Dawn of the Dead Remake, 2004
The final scenes on the dock were filmed in Hollywood.

Original Dawn of the Dead
in the original dawn of the dead you can plainly see a springboard when a zombie (tom savini) gets hit by the semi. because aint nobody gonna bounce that high.

Army of Darkness(ok not a zombie film)
the original title of army of darkness was "Evil Dead 1300AD" and also "Medieval Dead".

In dawn of the dead original film
When the bikers loot the mall, there's one scene where several bikers are killing the zombies, One of the bikers has a huge hammer. He kills one of the zombies and she lays still... Until the biker knocks a tepee (tent thing) on top of her.... she rolls away to avoid it. Even though, seconds ago she was dead.

In dawn of the dead the original
In the scene where they are hotwiring the trucks, you can see a white van driving past. This has nothing to do with the film, it was just accidenltly caught on camera.

2004 Dawn of the Dead:
Interesting video flashes at the beginning of the movie during the song "The Man Comes Around" ... you see a hospital staff trying to medicate a zombie on a stretcher and not knowing what they are dealing with. Excellent!

Also, it is Sarah Polley's voice that asks the important question at the press conference: "Are these people alive or dead?" You will notice that in one of the DOTD trailers - a man's voice is used, but it was changed for the movie to use Sarah Polley's voice.

Dawn of the Dead remake full Trailer:
The Radio Dj who Does the Line:  "Everybody the Kill gets up and Kills"  Is actually the guy who does the narrating on VH1's Behind the Scenes.

The Extra Shots During the End Credits of DAWN 2004 were filmed in catalina Island in California, The Original Dock Escape was filmed in Toronto, and During the Filming of the Dock Scene in DAWN 2004 a Dead Body was found floating in the Canal.

2004 Dawn of the Dead:
Stay for the end credits - the last frame is Sarah Polley (Anna) zombified. And if you also stay closer to the end credits there is a shot taken from the Paris Hilton Sex Tape.

Original Dawn of the Dead
in the original dawn, when peter and flyboy are on the roof watching the bikers come to the mall, watch to the right. as the bikers are riding in and crossing an intersection, a line of cars are patiently waiting for the light to change so they can go.  Not sure i would sit and wait for the right of way in a zombie world.

Dawn of the Dead Remake, 2004
Also I went on a tour of the Monroeville Mall with a couple of the cast members.. Well the gun shop scene wasn't even shot at the Mall.. Another fun fact about DOTD is that GAR took out a loan at the bank in the mall to use the money for the scene were they are throwing money around in the bank..

Editors Note: this is by far one of the most fun topics of discussion on the forum and no question we will have to do an update to this news item as more are added to the post. To post your own little known zombie factoids, then go here

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