Twilight Eclipse #1 At The Box Office


In what shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opened number one for the weekend.  BoxOfficeMojo has the numbers and the third entry into the franchise grossed around $69million (recouping it's $68million budget) over the course of Friday through Sunday.  Which is about the same as the original grossed back in 2008.  If Eclipse follows the same pattern as the last two though; it'll drop by over 50% in it's second week and at the same rate in proceeding weeks.

Including the money it made starting from it's Tuesday night midnight shows; Eclipse raked in $161million; twenty million more than what New Moon made during it's three day opening last year and just thirty million less than what the original made during it's full domestic run.   Internationally, the film preformed strongly with $100.2million and brings it's worldwide gross to $261.2million.

Coming up next into theaters is the hotly anticipated reboot Predators storming into theaters this Friday.  [REC] 2 is also getting a limited release this Friday, so that's one you're going to have to track down.  After that, the summer is slim outside on August 20th is Piranha 3-D. Vampires Suck (from the makers of Meet the Spartans) on the 18th of August.  And to round out the summer The Last Exorcism on the 27th of August. 

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