Bioshock Movie Update


The film adaptation of Bioshock, has been sitting on the back-burner with Universal Pictures for a long while now.  The reason is quite simple: Money.  When Pirates of the Carribean director Gore Verbinski (who is now producing) was attached to helm the film, the extremely high budget (somewhere in the region of $160+million) for an R rated video game feature was giving the studio second thoughts.  Can't hardly blame them, Universal spent $60million on Doom and the film never made back that during it's worldwide run.

Speaking to IGN Verbinski is confindent that Bioshock, now with 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directing, can make the transition but it comes down to money once again.  And the rating.

"We dont' want to dumb it down, we don't want to make it PG-13.  We want to keep it really edgey, and it's a huge bill."

Despite it's popularity as a game, adaptations into movies sputter at the box office more than light it up.  Resident Evil so far is really the only adaptation to spawn a franchise, which is what any studio would want from this kind of property.  If Bioshock can keep it's budget below triple digits, maybe we can see Andrew Ryan's mad dream come to fruition on the big screen.

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