The Full Grindhouse Experience on DVD?


It was a complete shock and let down when Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse fell flat at the box office. Most fans loved the films and even more so the trailers. When the films came to DVD they were put out seperately and did not even include the best part of the whole experience which was the trailers.

Today however the director of the trailer "Don't", Edgar Wright, has made a rather telling tweet, "So, get this, tomorrow I am doing a commentary on 'Don't'. Some of you will know what that means is finally happening."

Hopefully what this means is that the Weinsteins will finally be putting out the entire Grindhouse experience on DVD. The question is will fans still be willing to put down the cash to pick one up? Times are tight and to basically only be buying three trailers and some commentary is asking a lot. They may be a couple years late on this one.

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