Trailer for Hideo Nakata's - The Incite Mill


The full trailer for Hideo Nakata's upcoming film - The Incite Mill has been released, and I have to say, I'm still not impressed.  As I've mentioned before, I really haven't been impressed with what any of Hideo's recent films (with L: Change the World being the most recent film of his that I've seen).

Hopefully, my impression is wrong about this film, and we'll get something really special.

Synopsis: Ten people are lured to the mysterious “Anki Mansion” by help wanted ads offering 112,000 yen per hour (about $1,200 USD). Participants are informed that they’ll be recorded 24 hours a day and are given two ominous rules: first, each of them must return to their private room by 10pm each night; and second, the experiment would continue either for 7 days or until there are only two survivors left.

If all went according to plan, the participants would go home after 7 days, earning a total of 18 million yen. However, on the second day, one of them is shot to death.

via: Nippon Cinema

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