Jason Horton's Next: Monsters in the Woods


Director Jason Horton contacted me today to tell me about his next film that he just started production on Monsters in the Woods. It's about a micro-budget movie crew that treks into the woods to insert monster scenes into their unsellable indie-drama. Once they're deep in the woods, they find themselves in the midst of their own real horror movie.

"The plot is semi based in reality," Hoton told us. "When I was shopping Trap to distributors, I actually had one say they would take the movie if I would shoot monster scenes for it and turn it into a creature feature. Of course I didn't do it, but the idea was so ridiculous considering the plot of Trap that I thought it would make for a good next movie."

They just wrapped filming the movie within a movie and are shooting the rest in Big Bear and Malibu in August. Glenn Plummer (Saw 2, Sons of Anarchy), Lee Perkins (Live Evil, Katiebird), Kristian Bernard (Vegas Vampires) and Annemarie Pazmino (Edges of Darkness) star.

Below you can see the monster that they use in the movie within the movie. Not the real creatures that are being kept underwraps. You can also dig on the poster. You can also follow along with the production on Hortons blog or follow them on Facebook.

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