Indie Horror - Sculpture


After watching the trailer for "Sculpture," it has reaffirmed my belief about staying away from the emotionally fragile artist chick, who has some type of repressed trauma that threatens her sanity.  Big boobs or not.. the deadman's going to have to pass... I'll give first dibs to Wolfy.

Raine Brown (DARK CHAMBER) and Misty Mundae (Cinemax’s LINGERIE, Masters of Horror SICK GIRL) star in this harrowing story of an emotionally fragile artist and the repressed trauma that threatens her sanity.

Haunted by dark images from a repressed past, struggling artist Ashley Steele (Raine Brown) returns to her childhood home following the death of her parents. Accepting a commission from a well-known art dealer (Alan Rowe Kelly), she enlists body-builders as models and enthusiastically embarks upon the project.

However, her fragile, new-found confidence cannot withstand her brother’s obsessive behavior or her accelerating visions of childhood trauma. As a childhood friend (Misty Mundae) reaches out to help, Ashley spirals down a path of unspeakable horror, mutilation and murder.

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