Subconscious - The Real Tape Horror


Ok.. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for these type of films - "lost tapes, found."  Hell, I even knew Asylum's "Paranormal Entity" was going to suck, but I had to watch it anyways. 

Now we have "Subconscious - The Real Tape Horror" coming to you from the land called Greece, and I have to say, it doesnt look to bad and it definately has my attention (which doesnt mean much.. an ugly chick with a nice rack can get my attention).

There's no "official synopsis" for the film, but here's what the trailer had to say.

A tape was found somewhere in Western Greece, in March 2008.  The Greece police has been denying it's existence, unable to provide any logical explanation of what happened.

She meets a guy on the internet, but he turns out to be a different kind of person.  A guy who psychotically records her every move.  Is he a camera obsessed psychopath?  Or just a guy documenting changes about to happen? 

Fans of the trailer can follow the film either at the official site or their Facebook page.
via: QuietEarth
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