Piranha 3D Too Much For Comic Con to Handle


Today some interesting news is spilling out about a panel that disappeared from the Comic Con schedule. The Weinsteins submitted some footage that they wanted to show at their panel for Piranha 3D. Whatever they decided they wanted to show was too much for Comic Con.

David Glanzer, Comic-Con's Director of Marketing and Public Relations, told Hitflix today that, "My understanding is that there footage wasn't all ages appropriate. We don't check ID to get into those meeting rooms, so we don't want something inappropriate."

Word is that a seperate event outside of Comic Con will happen for Piranha 3D. With all the beaches around San Diego it seems like a good idea to have one outside the event anyway. What I am wandering however is what exactly did they want to show? Many horror films have played some pretty intense stuff over the years. My guess is that they wanted to show some nudity. It seems that these days nudity is much worse than sawing someones face in half.

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