Art and Details For Julie Benz's Held Hostage


Since I first saw her on Dexter I've become quite a fan of Julie Benz. At some point she found time to squeeze in enough time to do a horror film titled Held Hostage. Today Image Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing Held Hostage on DVD for a suggested retail price of $27.98 on September 14th.

Michelle Estey (Julie Benz) is a single mother and a bank manager, living with her young daughter Breea (Natasha Calis).  One fateful night, masked gunmen break into their home, binding both of them with duct-tapeā€¦ and wiring them with explosives.   They give Michelle an unnerving ultimatum:  cooperate in a bank heist, or she and Breea will die by the explosive controls in their captors’ hands. 

After the robbery, Michelle and her daughter are left unharmed, but they are not yet out of danger. Neither the police nor her colleagues accept Michelle’s frightening story.  The facts remain in the dark while details of her abusive past come to light – as Michelle is informed, “it’s called dirtying the victim.”

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