Zombo Italiano: The Italian Zombie Film Movement!


They rise again!

Beginning July 8th and running until July 29, MAD presents the film series Zombo Italiano, 10 works by a generation of Italian directors, some celebrated, some obscure, who through their pioneering special effects pushed the boundaries of low-culture and gore to deal brutally and humorously with the body at its most material, while offering a grotesque but poetic vision of nature and humanity.

The films include cult classics by notorious George A. Romero and Lamberto Bava, Jorge Grau, Lucio Fulci, and Michele Soavi. Pigsty, a work by the legendary Pier Paolo Pasolini will also be screened.

Upcoming Films Include:

Lucio Fulci's Gates of Hell Trilogy from 1980-81
"City of the Dead" at 7 pm on Thursday, July 15th
"The Beyond," at 7 pm on Friday, July 16th
"The House by the Cemetery," at 3pm on Saturday, July 17th

Don't miss director Michele Soavi's "Cemetery Man" featuring Rupert Everett as an impotent, necrophiliac mortician. Cemetery Man" screens at 7pm on the 22nd! Soavi's film merges humor, gore and poetic themes of existence into a film Martin Scorsese called one of the best Italian films of the 90s.

Lamberto Bava's "Demons" is showing on the 23rd at 7pm and you don't want to miss Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, star of "Demons 2" for some Q & A after the film's screening on the 24th at 3pm.

Tickets are $10 a screening;
$7 for students with valid ID or if you come in zombie make-up.

Check out the complete schedule and buy tickets at:
You can also purchase tickets at brownpapertickets.com!
Extra Bonus!:
On the evening of July 16th, Roger Ma and the Zombie Combat Club will provide a pre-film demonstration of essential combat skills for surviving encounters with the living dead. Among the subjects covered will be: anatomy, weapons, martial techniques, and common
misconceptions concerning how to confront a ravenous walking corpse.

We hope to see you out to at least one of the upcoming films! Tell your friends and help us spread the word about this very special event!  If you want to be included in some more of the upcoming events, or to be notified of other fun stuff at the museum, let me know and I’ll add you to a mailing list!

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