Mirrors 2 DVD Date & Details


Arriving on DVD and Blu-ray October 19 from Fox Home Entertainment is Mirror II
Having watched the original movie Into the Mirror, i was skeptical about Alexandre Aja's remake Mirrors but i was pleasently surprised as the entire story was nearly changed, excluding the premise of the idea of using mirror's and one or two scenes where the same.

I was taken back as i wasn't expecting much, as remakes go these days they usually miss the mark, but thankfully Alexandre took his own spin on the original idea and added some awesome special-fx scenes for example the bloody bath-tub scene!

Now Mirrors II will arrive later this year direct to DVD, although this time it is helmed by Victor Garcia and i have high hopes for this movie aslong it doesn't drift away from what made the remake succesful.

Synopsis: "When MAX, a recovering addict, takes a job as a night time security guard job at his father’s department store, he begins to see visions of a young woman in the store’s mirrors. Unsure whether his visions are side effects of his prescription sleeping pills or actual reality, he begins to look deeper into the source of the images in the mirrors. When employees of the store turn up dead and Max is a suspect in the murders, he must expose the girl’s connection to a scandal within the department store’s walls in order to prove his innocence and put a stop to the spirits in the mirrors."

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