New 'The Dead' Making of Video

deth_banger  have been given an exclusive behind the scenes featurette for the upcoming UK movie The Dead which you can checkout below. 

The featurette takes you behind the scenes of the movie and gives you an insight into filming a zombie movie in Africa.

In case you haven't heard about the upcoming movie co-directed by Howard J. Ford and Johnathan Ford, it is an English zombie movie shot on location's in Burkino Faso and Ghana, West Africa.

The Dead will be premiering at the London Film4 FrightFest (August 26-30) now being a fellow English man myself i am excited for this movie, i mean African zombies has me hooked, although some people may take it in bad taste, time will tell.

The North American premiere of The Dead will take place September 24th at Fantastic Fest in Austin. 

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