Lions Gate remaking Scanners !

According to Moviehole,Lions Gate Films are pushing ahead with a remake of David Cronenberg's classic horror movie “Scanners”.

Artisan Pictures, wanted to do a remake a few years ago,but since Lions Gate has taken over the company, it now is their project. The remake will be produced by Pierre David, René Malo and Clark Peterson.

David Cronenberg said about the remake:

“I’d prefer that they not revisit my earlier work. I mean, I’m sure that Stanley Kubrick didn’t want to know about the minisereies of "The Shining" just like I’m not rushing off to watch the miniseries of "The Dead Zone" either. So it does happen. In this particular case it’s more intimate, because I created "Scanners", but I don’t have the legal rights to control it. I could live without it.”

The director also doesn't believe in a remake's success:

“The chances that a good movie will be made from that are slim just because that’s in the nature of the business. Remakes of old movies are not always going to turn out good”

At the moment no director has signed to do the movie.

Source: Moviehole

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