Freddy vs Jason Vs Ash scrapped New plan Freddy vs Jason 2

We have been reporting that the movie Freddy vs Jason vs Ash would not happen, and in our interview with Bruce Campbell we pretty much killed the rumor by having him confirm there was no way. A scooper claiming to work for New Line has let us know that we need not fear. New Line has a new plan. Freddy vs Jason 2 is in the works, and it is a straight sequel picking up where the last one left off.

The script is already finished and filming is set to start in spring of 2005 with both Ken and Robert returning as their respected characters. No word yet if Ronny Yu will return or not.

So we dont have to worry about our beloved Ash character being soiled by a lame cross-sequel, however those of you who love Freddy vs Jason get a great sequel to enjoy. Stay tuned for more!

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