Lee Cheol-ha's Deserted House Trailer


Deserted House The latest Korean horror movie by director Lee Cheol-ha's looks like it's Korean's answer to The Blair Witch Project or any other 'Hand-Cam horror' it might be a few years behind, but by the looks of things it promises to be alot more creepier than it's contemporaries. Being an avid fan of Korean and Asian horror movies, this looks very promising and I'll be checking it out when it's released.

Synopsis: "Starring Sin Kyeong-seon, Yoon E-na (2007 Drama Series Princess Hour), Jeon In-geol, Lee Hwa-jung, Hyeon Tae-ho, and Shin So-yul (The Day Before, Hello My Love, Shadows in the Palace). The movie (from Hancinema) centers around an abandoned house that is suspected to be haunted. In 42 years, six people have disappeared, eight people have died and eleven murdered. Because of this everyone is afraid to step foot inside fearing there is also a ghost that lurks into its hallway. But three home society members and three filmmakers seems to be up to the challenge of trying to find out what really is the truth behind the house and spend their day inside, however they disappeared and the only thing they left behind is a video camera that tells more than what everyone fears." Check out the trailer below courtesy of FluxUnlimited:

Deserted House is expected to hit cinema's on August 19, 2010.

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