Wes Cravens New Comic


Wes Craven to release an original graphic novel. The upcoming novel is to be produced by Arnold Rifkin and Liquid Comics. Not much has been released on what the novel will focus on or even a name yet, but apparently Wes has a deal for a four-book series. The novel is scheduled for release early 2011, the novel will be available in print form electronically, so it will be available on the iPhone, iPad and i assume other mobile devices.

Liquid Comics have a 'Director's Cut' line in which they work with film director's to create works which may be difficult to realise on screen. Director John Woo (Face/Off) has released a graphic novel for the company titled '7 Brothers #1' also Director Guy Ritchie has released works for the company as well. Also Nicolas Cage, Jenna Jameson and Duran Duran to name but a few have created works for the company in the past.

Wes Craven is currently working on 'Scream 4' for Dimension Films. Also look out for 'My Soul To Take' in theatres October 29th. I personally am hoping for a horror oriented novel, old-school exploitation style, but i know Wes has branched out to other styles through out the years, and I'm sure what ever Wes creates will be a must read.

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