Indie Horror - Lesser Miracles


The indie circuit is the deadman's playground and films like "Lesser Miracles" makes me feel like the little girl in "Despicable Me" who excitedly yells (when she gets a new unicorn)... "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!" 

Rory Walsh's debut film "Lesser Miracles" is the deadman's fluffy unicorn.. because what I see within this trailer gets me very excited and I can't wait to see more.


Synopsis: After surviving a violent car accident, Riley Carpenter (Kathryn Lyn) begins hearing a strange voice in her head. Riley's husband, Morgan (Cameron Bender), assures her that the voice is just a side effect from the accident and is sure to subside in no time. Soon however, the strange voice begins to make eerie predictions about events that are yet to come. Once the predictions come true, Riley begins to doubt her sanity, and in desperation, develops an uneasy alliance with the voice in an effort to save her family from the destruction the voice claims is drawing inevitably nearer. 

LESSER MIRACLES is the debut feature film from writer/director Rory Walsh. The film stars Kathryn Lyn, Cameron Bender, Haley Mancini, Janet Thayer, Ormond Crowder, Iliana Zoelie Rarick-Kollman, Braidon Thorn, John Martinetti, Kris Cullen, and Jolene Torri.

via: VIMEO

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