COLIN Coming to US Theaters


COLIN is coming to a US theater near you! the £45 (roughly $75) British horror movie is coming to the US thanks to the Walking Shadows company, FANGORIA has stated. COLIN will be taking theatrical booking across major U.S. cities this fall.

COLIN is just an absolute gem, it shows Hollywood you don't need billion's of dollars and expensive screenwriters and CGI, all you need is passion, vision and a will to bring your idea to life. Thanks to Director/Writer Marc Price and leading star Alastair Kirton and everyone else involved as it gives us horror fans, budding Directors and screen writers some hope, and what they did was nothing but extraordinary and i applaude them.

If you haven't yet seen COLIN you should check this out when it hit's theaters later this year in the US. For now check out the trailer below:

COLIN will also be released on DVD and VOD later in the year.  

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