Dawn of the Dead Remake DVD Release

Gary from the Day of the Dead Contagium reports on our boards, "I just got off the phone with My Contact at Universal And the Official Dawn of the Dead DVD Release Date is October 12 2004. Both the R-Rated and Unrated Version will be Released the Same Day."

We not only appreciate Gary keeping us up on things with Day of the Dead Contagium but for also getting us this tidbit on Dawn of the Dead Remake on DVD

Gary also is the source for just what is going to be on the dvd's

Universal Announced that later this year an unrated DVD version of Dawn of the Dead will hit shelves.

The Unrated Edition will Contain 25 mins of never before seen footage.  When i went to the World Premiere for DAWN in march 2004, they said at the Press Conference that 10 mins would be added.

5 of gore and 5 of character development. But word released sometime ago shows that the success has pumped Universal to add a lot more footage back in.

Included in the special features will be
Andy the Gun Store Owners Video Diary. Basically A Diary he did when Holed up in his store during the Events of the apocalypse.

Both the Unrated and Rated Versions will be released October 12th 2004

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