Battle: Los Angeles Posters


Alien movies seem to be on the rise.  District 9 was a huge hit critically and financially, we got Master of Wanton Destruction Roland Emmerich courting Independence Day 2 and 3, Super 8 from JJ Abrams in 2011 (one can assume it's about an alien), and of course we have Ridley Scott making two prequels to Alien.  And in 2011, we get another mysterious one; not from story, but from what's gonna be shown. 

Janathan Liebesman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) directs Battle: Los Angeles; a film about a Marine platoon fighting an alien invasion in, of course it's LA.  No solid images have been released for the film as of yet showing the alien critter (which is a huge shocker considering nowadays); IMPAwards has their hands on five teaser posters, which I think look pretty cool.  But also the fifth (dubbed Los Angeles 2011) seems to actually show what they look like.  

Well, Battle: Los Angeles is being released March 11, 2011 and hopefully we'll be getting a trailer within the next couple of weeks to get the mouth watering.  

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