Big Brothers Glyn Wise To Star in Zombie Movie


For our UK member's, up and coming director Ryan Kift from Gwynedd, Wales is hoping to make his mark in the horror genre with the shooting of his new zombie movie. The movie stars to reality TV stars from the UK's Big Brother, 2006 housemate Glyn Wise and 2009 housemate Marcus Hall. Director Ryan Kift commented “Marcus said that he’d love to be in it as long as he can be a zombie and murder a few people,” he said. “He’s doing it for free as well, fair play to him.”

The film is about a group of Irish convicts used as guinea pigs for a government anti-swine flu experiment which goes horribly wrong, the convicts turn into zombies while being transported by boat to Britain where i'm sure the anarchy begins. Ryan Kift said “It’s a grindhouse horror that’s full of humour and fake blood,” he said. “It’s like the Hammer horror films, with a style that’s almost camp.”

Director Ryan Kift is looking for zombies (extras) to star in the final scenes of the film, so if you live in the United Kingdom and are interested in having fake blood poured all over you then contact Ryan by email: and let him know why you would like to be involved. From what i've read and seen this looks like it's going to be an awesome b-movie in the making, plus zombie's kick ass.... well munch on brains :)

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