2 New Trailers For French Horror Movie CAPTIFS aka (CAGED)


French horror movie CAPTIFS aka (CAGED) was announced here a few months back with some excellent images. Now a few teaser trailers have been released and you can check them out below. Synopsis: "Somewhere in Eastern Europe. Carole is a young nurse with a humanitarian aid group that has reached the end of its mission. But just then, the young woman and her two colleagues are kidnapped by strangers for mysterious reasons. Held captive, cared for and kept alive in an oppressive and sinister setting, the three prisoners soon discover with horror what their kidnappers truly have in store for them... "

From relatively new director Yann Gozlan, this will be his first feature film. Yann has written and directed two shorts before entitled ECHO (2006) and PELLIS (2004) If you are interested to see what Yann has done before head HERE for more information and a scene from ECHO (2006) Head over HERE for more information on PELLIS (2004)

There have been some truly awesome French horror movies over recent years, some of my personal favourites are BAISE MOI (2000), IRREVERSIBLE (2002), MALEFIQUE (2003), HAUTE TENSION (2003) and MARTYRS (2008) of course there are many more and there have been many more before hand, but these have really made me take notice and think "WOW! French horror movies are really freaking awesome!" :) Hopefully CAPTIFS will continue in this trend, and French horror will continue to rise and i hope it never stops as i can't get enough.

CAPTIFS Teaser Trailer #1CAPTIFS

Teaser Trailer #2CAPTIFS

(CAGED) is to be released in France on October 6th 2010, an international release date is still waiting announcement.

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